We’re Free Upfront! Intro To Contingency Based Attorney Fees

We’re Free Upfront! Intro To Contingency Based Attorney Fees
October 7, 2019 kucherlaw_i3e7kl

Why Are Personal Injury Attorneys Free Upfront?

When you work with the attorneys at Kucher Law you won’t have to pay upfront for legal fees and expenses. Have you been injured or can’t work? If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence you’ll need a personal injury attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. At Kucher Law we won’t charge you any legal fees unless your case settles or you win a verdict in court. This No Win/No Fee arrangement is called a “contingency fee agreement” between you and your attorney. Contingency based attorney fees are unique to personal injury cases.

Although some attorneys require retainer fees, flat rate up-front fees, or are paid by the hour, paying a personal injury attorney is different. No win, no fee. Unless we win your case, you don’t pay a penny.

What Are Contingency Based Attorney Fees?

If we lose, you owe us nothing. Personal injury attorneys aren’t paid unless we win your case. Kucher Law specializes in evaluating your case, and only taking it on if we know that we can get you the compensation you deserve. We have a proven track record of success so we only take on the cases that we know can result in compensation for your losses.

What Comes Out of Your Injury Compensation?

Once your case settles or is won in court you will be compensated for your losses. The amount of money that comes out of your total injury compensation will depend on your medical expenses, the amount you will pay for attorney fees, and the amount of legal costs that have accumulated. You attorney is reimbursed out of your gross settlement, court verdict, or arbitration award. Your attorney is paid one third of the gross amount. If there is no settlement or award, you owe us nothing.

Two thirds of your injury compensation goes to you for your losses, to pay your medical bills, medical liens, and to cover any costs/expenses incurred to move your case forward. If there are legal expenses required to move your case forward, such as court filing fees, your attorney will pay those fees upfront for you, and then deduct them from your total settlement after the case is won and before the attorney fees are calculated.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Personal Injury law suits and arbitration require a lot of time. It can take months for a case to be brought to trial and requires many more hours of the attorney’s time than negotiating a settlement directly with the insurance company. Kucher Law is a unique personal injury law firm because we special in litigation. Our trial attorneys are award winning and have been named Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters and a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2019

A good attorney will do everything required to prepare for trial, even if the case settles along the way. Cases settled before trial are usually for much large amounts of compensation, because the insurance company recognizes the attorney was prepared to fight. Working with your attorney and being patient is the key to success. We’re experts in this field and are committed to fighting for you. Contact us today.

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